How to choose chicken good by watching the fighting chicken

Now there are many folk statues as well as other professional militants in Vietnam fighting chicken. Each chick has a good way of picking da ga campuchia as well as playing different da ga noi and most of them have separate fighting or fighting birds and how to raise chickens.

For a strategy or a lot of different perspectives, most are still based on folk experiences left over and some more practical experience of professional magazines.
Here are some factors that will help you choose the best chicken:

1. How to watch the fighting chicken.

When fighting chickens, the selection of chicken is very important. Like most other animals, the same genus may have different fighting abilities, but all are genetically related.

2. How to choose the fighting chicken.

Folk have the game of fighting birds have long, so the professional millet chewing chicken breed breeding and selection of the best fighting lines, the most brave legs and high stamina, the strongest That is why the first element of the strategy must be the line, ie, how to choose the parent, or at least the same thing, to avoid the situation. He wins the match but loses his skills to run across the arena.

When we have the same herd of both good and bad chickens, the strategy must continue to be filtered by raising and then picking up the best ones. War is very important because failure to do so will make the good strategy bad. If mating mothers and broilers in the same herd, the latter will be of poor quality, weak health due to inbreeding. It is not good to choose this chicken as breed.

In order to have a good fighting ability, good health, long lasting and long-lasting, eating and nutrition is very important. In addition to the statistics needed to eat food is rice, you need to add grain and some nutritious foods such as crickets, earthworms, lizards … How to choose good chicken This method is very effective