Many are da ga peru fans, like to raise and care for chickens and own a good warrior. However, they have very little knowledge of chickens, especially their mortality. Then what are the weaknesses, the mortal positions of the gong, what are easily recognizable and what are their meanings. Please refer to the article below.

Da ga my breeds are a strong breed, whether they are chicken breeders or chicken wings. Many pairs of chickens see each other kicking throughout the day, even for hours or hours with hundreds of consecutive kicks. However, after making water, chsung is still awake as usual. Even those chickens fighting each other, tearing apart each other to skin, bleeding, watering them continue to plunge into the war as no casualties. If it is human, it will certainly be exhausted, weakened, not warlike things that despise such health.

However, there are dangerous positions on the body of the chickens that are considered weakness or death. Just kick, hit, or use a sting. Hens can fall on the field, heavier can die on the spot. So where are the mortal locations on which parts of the chicken body?

At the head and face

Often chickens will react very quickly to the enemy is trying to attack in the first place by avoiding very good attack. However, this is a very dangerous place. If the stone is hit, operated or attacked avfo, the chicken can be broken, fall roll or death in the blink of an eye.

Long delivery: This unit is located at the top of the head, and is the most dangerous place. If the opponent hit the chicken hit the chicken will also be up because of pain, then plug neck escape or die quickly. Therefore, it is important to pick up and train the fowls, and avoid good moves in these positions.

Eyes: This is also very sensitive position. If the chicken is stabbed directly into the eyes will lose direction, dangling no longer mastered and lose self-defense. It is almost a losing battle, and if it is hit hard at other killing locations, the chickens will die instantly.

Neck: Neck is usually the most inspirational place. After a period of stone, if the neck chickens will be bruised, bruised injury caused by opponents bite that formed. It is difficult to avoid the stingers, bites penetrate the flesh.
At the chicken body

Cockroaches also have many dangerous places to look and attention such as kite flying, buoys, chicken wings, lemon, …
The kite is the position that is protruding in front and looking no different from the human part, the function is quite similar when they do not feed the chicken. It is more dangerous because it is in the range of chicken. Therefore, when playing the chicken should not be too full to make the kite inflated easily to be stabbed.

Choose chickens with small crab neck to feed. The positions listed above are also very sensitive and dangerous. When chickens are attacked, the chickens are more likely to lose control due to pain, falling and heavier deaths on the field.
Therefore, it is necessary to have appropriate training and training measures suitable for chickens. The knowledge provided in the article will definitely help you to be more or less.