The reason why the breeders hide the job

Many people wonder why people who breed da ga campuchia are often hiding, are they always secretive? Is it the heirloom secrets or is it something that can not be revealed? But we can pick up a lot of problems. To find out more, you can refer to the article below.

Quite a few da ga cua dao kickers, raising chickens have the same questions as the title. No matter how curious they are, they can not blame those who hide their jobs. In one study of the bird guide book, there were people who did not hide the chickens for half a life, during the half of their life they also lost a fifth of the century, the conversion also twenty years of raising Poor chickens, poor quality, then go back to grievance and begged to teach things that do not have a millet but just for the story only.

Actually, as you know, the secret to raising chickens is not something big or mysterious, anyone who is kind, open, they will only tell you dedicated, out of water, just that much, bright I will study a few weeks is enough to understand the whole industry.

There was a time when holding a book of economics, dark reading effort to read to, just read and write to try to swallow every word in the abdomen. The only problem is that only, plus the experience you save, that knowledge will work better and a bright day.

Since I have learned the craft, I have never concealed anybody, but I always wondered why they still keep so many marks. They are the people who own the hen because they do not want to have to face the irony of the same line kicking a kick, a similarity, that is acceptable, reasonable . But the story of how to hide the chicken how to grow large, healthy, effective, there is nothing that pahri hide?

The experience has helped me understand two things:

The first is because of their selfish nature, narrow heart, do not want other people than themselves, even equal. They always want to be in a higher position than others. So knowledge they are buried in the heart, only because of fear of others will steal their jobs. And then there are times when other people will be better than them.

Selfish people always know themselves, their benefits are above all. Therefore, Vietnamese people are only good at working alone, but it is difficult to cooperate with each other because of the selfishness. Nguwofi has a reputation for selfishness; the secret is that they are only transmissible to their son, to those close to him who dare not reveal it to others.

Secondly, because of the presence, these people seem more pitiful than blameless. Many people who chickens long experience but little, one-sided way that is not comprehensive, so just want to tell anyone can not, must bring the narrow heart.

Third, there are those who are in the form of overwhelming learning, which is a little unorthodox and orthodox, but very djay djay life with non-reasoning. Only the beginners encountered them, the money lost, the pole is not.
Neglect in the profession, not only within the range of chickens but also in many other life sectors, is also a barrier to the development of society. Absolutely not to do.