Share the best way to nurture and care for chickens


For those who love to watch and watch cocktails, nurturing, caring and training them is extremely important. Preparing your warriors physically as well as spirit before the game contributes to the overall victory for your da ga noi . Please refer to the article below for more knowledge about the care and breeding of chickens in the best and most effective way.

First you need to know how to choose good chicken breed.

With good and famous da ga tre, you do not have to worry about the quality or the lineage of the chicken. On the other hand, it is costly to pay for the labor and money due to the quality of the seed already available. Increase the effectiveness of winning when the chicken to the field. If you are a hen, choose a dnah chicken, each litter about a child and hope to breed many chicks such good breed.

You also need to find the parent of a good chicken. Hens 8-9 months old will begin to litter compared. However, the rooster will be 18 months or older. Young or too young to leave the baby will not be good.
The first batch of eggs should not be broiled to breed. It is also possible for the broiler to incubate and raise the broiler chickens so that you should not be raised by the chicken is often crispy and brittle. On the other hand, the mother does not have any experience raising children so this baby chicken will not be good in quality. So you should choose chicks from second litter onwards will ensure better quality, standard will also be higher.

Take care of chicken breed

This is a pretty important thing, though good chicken is one thing but if you care poorly, the chicken is not yet sure enough strength to rock the best. In the past, chicken owners raised hundreds of chickens and had to hire two to three caretakers to ensure that the chickens were cared for carefully. The hired persons had a lot of experience in chickens care. The person who is responsible for ensuring that the work is completed with the highest quality.


Chicken houses should be built in a dry, cool and clean environment. Do not make cages in the hollow, pond water standing. The cage should be square or rectangular, with an area of ​​about 3 to 4 square meters to accommodate travel, not too broad but not too narrow. In the cage there should be a horizontal stick to cut the chickens in the chicken, the chickens are resting place, high about 4-5 inches is reasonable and reasonable.

Bathing for chickens

Two common bathing methods are dry bath and shower. Drying is another way to bathe the sand, because the chicken will bury itself in the sand, or into the sand to scatter, then they will rinse the dust off the person. This will help the chicken eliminate the parasite on the body. Take a shower every day, while the sun is good, also prevent the chicken infected.

Infusions are also an effective way to bathe chickens. Use turmeric to impregnate chicken. Turmeric is used from old turmeric puree and is soaked in urine and white wine. Add a little sugar to increase acidity and salt to ensure this capacity to form a thick solution is. This will help to strengthen the chickens.